Proven Immune Strength

Stress, Allergies, Poor Diet, Sports, Travel And Antibiotics All Play A Role In Weakening Your Immune System. Remember Your Armour Everyday!

An underactive or weakened immune system will expose the body to increased susceptibility to infections and disease, therefore there is a definite need to strengthen the immune system; not to boost it or suppress it! Unlike other immune ingredients that simply boost, IMMUNO ARMOUR WORKS WITHIN 2 HOURS on multiple levels to STRENGTHEN the immune system, helping your body to respond appropriately to its everyday challenges, thereby allowing you to live healthier days. IMMUNO ARMOUR is formulated with a groundbreaking immune ingredient called EpiCor®, which has over 7 clinical trials on strengthening the immune system. ​



- EpiCor Stands Alone.

Whole food fermentate is a natural ingredient comprised of proteins, fibers, polyphenols, vitamins, amino acids, beta glucans and many beneficial metabolites that work together on many levels to support a strong immune system. EpiCor is the only whole food fermentate and has many published research studies on its safety and efficacy.

- What is a “fermentate” ?

A fermentate is a nutritious whole food product made using a unique, specialized fermentation process. In this fermentation process, yeasts are used to help produce the beneficial nutrients and metabolites found in EpiCor whole food fermentate. EpiCor is considered a whole food because it is minimally processed and refined. EpiCor is made using natural ingredients that go through fermentation processes to produce a whole, natural product. It is not an extract, chemically synthesized or made from by-products.

- Proven immune support

EpiCor, one of the best immune system supplements, has been rigorously studied and researched for its safety and efficacy. These published studies show that it is a nutritious supplement that naturally supports a strong immune system for better health and wellness. EpiCor is a safe and healthy addition for people with gluten-free diets, vegetarian or vegan diets, or kosher diets that want to strengthen rather than boost their immune systems.


Why Is EpiCor Fermentate Unique?

Published studies show Epicor helps people live more healthy days by:
  • Supporting year-round respiratory and sinus health
  • Helping maintain nasal comfort
  • Maintaining immune defences for daily challenges
  • Supporting good digestive health (shown in sophisticated gut models)



Experience the benefits

I first tried Immuno Armour after lengthy research online for an immune helper for my daughter who was 5 I am amazed at the large amount of science behind the development of Immuno Armour. I believe that the science supporting the use of Immuno Armour is far greater than that for most of the other products in my arsenal of natural medicines.
Dr. Kim Lyons
Having a demanding schedule with work and training 5-6 days a week often leads to not enough sleep and being run-down. Since taking Immuno Armour ADULT I have noticed a big difference in my health and feel like I can accomplish more in each of my training sessions. I am very thankful to have found a product that keeps me healthy and on my feet!
Molly Jo A


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