Helps To Restore Joint Flexibility And Alleviates Pain

The Flexadrin range of products have been reformulated using the newest and most exciting new ingredients sourced from various parts of the globe.

These new ingredients boast a host of clinical studies confirming its efficacy in relieving the symptoms of Osteoarthritis and proving to be much more effective than using Glucosamine and chondroitin formulations in a new ONE capsule a day dosage. The aim of the range of Flexadrin products is to give you the ability to improve your joint comfort, mobility, and flexibility by reducing the inflammation cascade in your joints no matter if you’re an athlete and your physical activity level is high or if you’re a senior and wish to reduce your joint pain and preserve your mobility.


Flexadrin range


Flexadrin GOLD™ Capsules have been clinically researched for improvement in joint mobility, comfort and mobility. Flexadrin GOLD™ is indicated and formulated as a natural anti-inflammatory supplement that supports joint health and provides short term relief of pain. FlexadrinTM Gold supports Osteoarthritis symptoms and may trigger the rebuild of cartilage in the joints

Per one Capsule contains:

UC-11® (Undenatured Type 2 Collagen) 40 mg.


Flexadrin BLUE™ assists the body to restore joint flexibility and alleviate pain..

Flexadrin BLUE™ Capsules have been clinically researched for improvement in joint pain, flexibility, and mobility. Improvements in Osteoarthritis symptoms have been seen with Flexadrin BLUE™ Capsules. There is also a possibility of reduced joint/cartilage degeneration. Flexadrin BLUE™ Capsules reduce low level chronic inflammation while improving bone density. There has been a reduction in muscle soreness associated with continuous exercise reported. Flexadrin BLUE™ is indicated and formulated as a natural anti-inflammatory supplement that supports joint health and provides short term relief of pain.


For the temporary relief of minor aches and pains of muscles and joints.

Flexadrin Cream™ is formulated with Celadrin® to help reduce pain and improve the mobility of soft tissue. It also improves joint flexability and helps prevent long term wear and tear on muscles and joints. In the Flexadrin™ (Celadrin®) cream study, conducted at the University of Connecticut, 100% of the osteoarthritic subjects showed significant improvement in just 30 minutes and cumulative benefits throughout the remaining 30 days of the study.



Collagen type II (native) is a protein that is part of the cartilage, bone, and other types of connective tissues in animals and humans.

Most collagen type II found in supplements comes from chicken. Some collagen type II in supplements comes from cows.

Collagen type II is used for osteoarthritis. It is also used for other types of joint and muscle pain.

Collagen type II (native) should not be confused with collagen peptides, collagen type I (native), or gelatin.



MERIVA® is a patent pending delivery form of curcumin. Curcumin typically exhibits poor oral absorption in the body.1 Pharmacokinetic comparison studies have shown MERIVA® to improve bioavailability of curcuminoids by about 30-fold.2,3 Three studies conducted with MERIVA® demonstrated significant improvements related to stiffness, muscle soreness, physical function, liver health and overall quality of life. A long term study has shown MERIVA® also to support ocular health,6,8 confirming the inflammatory response markers support and the excellent safety profile.


MERIVA® is the 100% natural food grade delivery form of curcumin utilizing Indena proprietary Phytosome® technology, based on dietary-grade adjuvants (lecithin), able to optimize the bioabsorption of the extract.

MERIVA® is the most studied and documented curcumin bioavailable formulation.

MERIVA® pharmacokinetic studies demonstrated significant absorption benefits:2,3

• Improved plasma Cmax and AUC of curcuminoids near 30-fold over the standard turmeric extracts.

MERIVA® is supported by more than 30* human trials demonstrating effectiveness for joint & bone health and healthy inflammatory response after exercise and similar exertion:

• Decreased WOMAC score measuring excercise related pain, stiffness and physical function;4-5

• Social and Emotional Index (SEI) score resulted in a greater than 3-fold improvement;4

• C-Reactive Protein (CRP) levels decreased by 16-fold;4

• Healthy blood vessel function support.7
• Attenuatedmusclesorenessfromoxidative

stress and inflammation associated to continuous exercise, statistically significant reduction of IL-8 vs placebo and IL-6, reduction of MRI evidence of muscle stress;9,10

• Improved strenght and physical performance, preventing loss of lean body mass in elderly population;11

• Improved bone density in asymptomatic subjects with a bone density condition12 • Improved health status in subjects with

non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).13,14


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