Flexadrin BLUE

Flexadrin blue

Flexadrin BLUE™ is formulated with Celadrin® and the added benefits of Glucosamine. The dual action of Celadrin® and Glucosamine provides rapid joint cushioning, quickly alleviating inflammation, building cartilage and restoring the entire joint area.

Assists flexibility and, alleviates pain.

FLEXADRIN BLUE Will Assist you:

Maintains flexibility and mobility so that you can move with ease and be free of pain.

Enhances the fluids that cushion your bones and joints.

Repairs damaged cartilage and reduces inflammation.

Prevents further tissue and joint damage while promoting healing.

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Flexadrin BLUE

Assists flexibility and, alleviates pain.

Flexadrin BLUE™ assists the body to halt the cascade of inflammation but, rapidly begins restoring the body on a cumulative basis.